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Fred Gebhart

Writer — Editor — Trainer — Photographer

Good Writing is tough.
Good Imaging is tougher.
I can help.


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I am accepting new clients and speaking engagements. Please email me with your needs and time frames.

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Fred Gebhart
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I help people and organizations communicate clearly and cleanly. No rambling, no confusion. On time and on budget. My services include:

Writing.  Articles, op-ed, web copy, white papers, backgrounders, press releases, and books on health care, travel, business, media, science and technology. (View samples.)

Editing. Whether you're a person, a business, a nonprofit, a government organization, an academic, or a think tank, I will direct your reports, studies, and web site content straight to the point and to your target audience.

Training. What executives don't know about dealing with the media can kill a company. My in-person media training and mock interviews prepare top execs, product and technology developers, marketing directors, and spokespeople to meet the media on message and on target.

Coaching. Incisive memos, letters, and reports inspire action. Rambling, incoherent writing puts readers to sleep—or drives them to the competition. My one-on-one coaching, live or by phone, can help anyone in your organization write more clearly, more effectively, and more easily.

Photography. In today's world of instant communication, one picture can capture your audience or lose it forever. My photographs make your point without a word.

Quick Take. I have a degree in political science and more than two decades of experience as a writer, trainer, and photographer for clients worldwide.

I focus on information, not advertising content. I can highlight key messages to create informational marketing materials for specific target markets.

I have worked on a variety of print and online projects, including magazines, newspapers, special reports, websites, newsletters, research reports, meeting summaries, and more.

Past clients include Air New Zealand, American Cancer Society, California Pharmacists Association, California State Automobile Association, Carmel Pharma AB, Consumers Union, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Geographic Expeditions, Inhale Therapeutics, Interval International, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Microsoft Corporation, National Pharmaceutical Council, Ruder Finn Pharma, SunTrips, The Travel Institute, Time, WebMD, and the Western Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus.

I am based in Southern Oregon

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